Spectrometry Station

The main scope of this project is to modernize the University's Ionic Implantation Laboratory.

We are currently working at the Rutherford Backscattering experiment, using a new multichannel analyser (from CAEN, model N957) that connects via USB, to update the hardware and software used to collect data from the RBS experiment. This way we can:

  • Reduce and improve the hardware needed in the laboratory;
  • Exploit more efficiently the acquisition of data through usage of two detectors simultaneously;
  • Integrate with new technologies (since it's a system with current hardware and tools).

Ous application is Free Software, licenced under GNU GPL v3 with source code available at our git repository at https://git.cta.if.ufrgs.br/janluc/espectrometria.git. The software made to communicate with the CAEN module is developed in C language while the user interface is written in Python. With the data collected we can fit curves and estimate some parameters of the RBS experiment.

Some of the next steps of the project are the development of a board to control and drive the step motors to position the sample, and make minor improvements in the software.